The academic job search for the rest of us, Part IV – Odds and ends

I may write a post or two about the actual telephone and on-campus interviews, but otherwise, just a few semi-random points to complete my series on the job search itself.  If you just stumbled across this series, you may want to start at the beginning. Continue reading


This is a credible scientific journal?

nature is considered one of the few tip-top scientific journals in the world.  At research-intensive institutions, tenure decisions are made based in non-trivial part on whether a faculty member was able to get articles published in nature and similar.  nature publishes less than 10% of submitted science manuscripts, and it’s that high because most people are smart enough not to  try unless they really think they are onto something big.  Because of the prestige of the journal and “we’re first” aspect of the articles, it is the most highly cited general science journal in the world on a per-article basis. Continue reading

Happy New Year…not

One of the odd things about academia is that January doesn’t really signify a “new year”.  It’s really the halfway point, and for the handful of schools who are on a trimester system and don’t start their second term until January, it’s only the one-third point.  College courses generally don’t stretch directly across semesters/terms, even if a course is part of a multi-term sequence.  At most schools, the winter break is “only” a few weeks, not really long enough to be a major break in activity. Continue reading