The dog and pony show

One of the big advantages of working at a private higher ed institution, especially these days, is that we don’t have to rely on state legislatures (i.e., gangs of brainless twits) for funding.  On the other hand, one of the big disadvantages of working at a private non-elite institution, especially these days, is that we don’t have access to a guaranteed revenue stream.

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Job negotiations

Yeah, if you pay attention to higher ed, you can probably guess what this post is about. Recently, a woman who was given a tenure-track job offer at a fairly no-name liberal arts college replied with an email asking for the Moon, or at least what some people feel is a substantial fraction of it. The institution summarily withdrew the job offer, apparently as their only response to the attempt at negotiation. Here is some more information from Inside Higher Ed, including quite a few of the usual uninformed comments that these sorts of things attract. Continue reading

Tenure standards are not standard

(First, just a shout out to all of the new people viewing my blog, thanks mostly to a list of recommended blogs by xkyademiqz.  I can see from my WordPress stats that the average visitor is responsible for 4 page views, so I hope that’s an indication that you find my posts interesting.  But, if it’s more that you can’t look away from a trainwreck, that’s okay, too.) Continue reading

Not screwed up enough to get this paper revised

Nearly a month ago, I wrote the following:

Research-wise, I’m struggling to find the time and energy to revise the rare first-author paper I have in the journal queue.  There won’t be any problem satisfying the reviewer and getting the paper accepted – once I have some blocks of time to get the damn work done.  This paper needs to be in press relatively soon due to a grant-related deadline.

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