Mind the gap year

Thinking about what it takes to get from birth to a tenure-track position in the sciences (and other fields, too), we’re really rushing people through the process before they are ready. Continue reading


The state of the WaDiA – 2014

Well, actually the state of the person behind WaDiA.  Now that the academic year is finished, I guess maybe it’s time to assess where I am at the moment.  I’m getting over a cold, so please excuse me if I start coughing up something while writing this. Continue reading


Spring graduation is starting to become more and more real as we enter May.  We’re not quite a big enough institution to have a reasonable indoor venue for the spring graduation ceremony, so the powers that be ended up switching to an off-campus facility.  Apparently, this change was in part due to having multiple visitors suffer from heat exhaustion (or at least dehydration severe enough to require first-aid) after broiling in the Sun during the ever-lengthening ceremonies.  When it wasn’t raining and/or hailing. Continue reading