This summer has not been particularly productive.  Circumstances have conspired against me having long, dedicated chunks of time for research.  The course developement has been going slowly, but I should be okay for the coming semester – and hopefully not totally fucked for next spring.  The other stuff keeps me from maintaining any sort of consistency, but maybe that’s finally getting somewhere and potentially could be good.

Most of the year just doesn’t lend itself to feeling human.  Getting wound up, cut down, tossed around, and used up by everyone all day, then going home to nothing to stew.  Even this summer is looking to really be one without any sort of social life.  But, at least during summer I manage to take some time off and sort of get back into “civilian” mode for a while, as best I can.

(Here comes the blatant segue)

Speaking of which, here’s a song from a few years ago by Wye Oak.  This, for me, is another indie group who’s music overall doesn’t grab me, but they’ve managed to really nail it on a song or two.  Here’s one of the better life performances, but check out the CD version which has some tasty electric guitar work.

And, some lighter fare to end on a higher note:


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