Tenure – I has it

Although I don’t really have many academic readers, I saw this nice post about post-tenure life by a blogger who could be nicknamed “alphabet soup”. Thus, I decided to break out a post that I put together quite some time ago when I first thought about maintaining an academic blog. I live on the wrong side of the street in academia as compared to that blogger. Very few people in their right mind “would kill for” my job and in particular I have very little control concerning what I want to do at my job. (Basically, I have 40+ hours per week of stuff that I have to do at a particular time or particular way or with a particular outcome, and I have very little choice in the matter.)  Nor do I live in a nice place, nor have much of a life.  But, the post didn’t leave me green with envy and I found it to be a thoughtful perspective. In contrast, my post might come off like a turd in a punchbowl, but it is not intended as some sort of rebuttal to that other post, just a different experience.  Fire up the way-back machine! Continue reading