A bit of a break

Ha, ha, so much for maintaining a regular academic blog.  I’m really not sure how people do it, although it often involves describing details of their family life or some other bit of social life.  But, since I have no life and my job sucks, that doesn’t leave much. Continue reading


The state of the WaDiA – 2014

Well, actually the state of the person behind WaDiA.  Now that the academic year is finished, I guess maybe it’s time to assess where I am at the moment.  I’m getting over a cold, so please excuse me if I start coughing up something while writing this. Continue reading

When I was a VAP

In line with my previous experiences in academia, shortly after I was told that I might have a few more years of future in my postdoc position, I got canned because the money on a major project got cut off.  I was basically given 6 weeks notice.  It almost became a “living in my car” situation, but the people on the project who were less on the science side who could easily get other jobs did, so there ended up being progressively more money left to keep me around month-to-month for 6 months.  Of course, this still left me scrambling for my career; my field or sub-field or whatever you want to call it doesn’t have a lot of huge groups where it’s easy shift someone around, and nobody at the institution other than my postdoc advisor seemed to give a shit.  The situation was bad enough, but fortunately my anxiety disorders weren’t so bad back then, and I was able to cope. Continue reading

Job negotiations

Yeah, if you pay attention to higher ed, you can probably guess what this post is about. Recently, a woman who was given a tenure-track job offer at a fairly no-name liberal arts college replied with an email asking for the Moon, or at least what some people feel is a substantial fraction of it. The institution summarily withdrew the job offer, apparently as their only response to the attempt at negotiation. Here is some more information from Inside Higher Ed, including quite a few of the usual uninformed comments that these sorts of things attract. Continue reading

The academic job search for the rest of us, Part IV – Odds and ends

I may write a post or two about the actual telephone and on-campus interviews, but otherwise, just a few semi-random points to complete my series on the job search itself.  If you just stumbled across this series, you may want to start at the beginning. Continue reading