Mentoring or lack thereof

The topic of mentoring has come up recently on some blogs that I read.  A lot of it is about women and minorities, and living in the research-intensive world.  I’ve never had the burden of professing while female/black/hispanic/etc., nor the privilege/burden of professing while being a “real” scientist.  So, I’m not going to link to other posts, and just do my own thing here.  I was going to write a post about how my summer is going, but maybe later this week. Continue reading


The state of the WaDiA – 2014

Well, actually the state of the person behind WaDiA.  Now that the academic year is finished, I guess maybe it’s time to assess where I am at the moment.  I’m getting over a cold, so please excuse me if I start coughing up something while writing this. Continue reading

If you write a paper in a forest, does anyone cite it?

I’m always trying to come to grips with my research productivity or lack thereof.  I’ve written about this topic before, but in the interest of having not all of my posts be negative, I decided to take a closer look the current holy grail of non-monetary judgment of scientific research productivity, the h-index.  It’s a topic that has recently popped up at a couple places, so what the heck. Continue reading

Tenure – I has it

Although I don’t really have many academic readers, I saw this nice post about post-tenure life by a blogger who could be nicknamed “alphabet soup”. Thus, I decided to break out a post that I put together quite some time ago when I first thought about maintaining an academic blog. I live on the wrong side of the street in academia as compared to that blogger. Very few people in their right mind “would kill for” my job and in particular I have very little control concerning what I want to do at my job. (Basically, I have 40+ hours per week of stuff that I have to do at a particular time or particular way or with a particular outcome, and I have very little choice in the matter.)  Nor do I live in a nice place, nor have much of a life.  But, the post didn’t leave me green with envy and I found it to be a thoughtful perspective. In contrast, my post might come off like a turd in a punchbowl, but it is not intended as some sort of rebuttal to that other post, just a different experience.  Fire up the way-back machine! Continue reading