Albatrosses and other birds to flip

MoFo the albatross finally dislodged itself from around my neck, fell to the ground, and was deliciously broiled for dinner.  Tasted like chicken.  The stupid paper I was complaining about not getting revised has finally been accepted.  Good review process, but a little slower than normal on both ends.  It will probably be another 3 or 4 years until I get another first-author paper, but I’m sure glad to get this stupid project off my plate so I can work on another stupid project.  I do think that this paper may get a decent number of citations, though. Continue reading


Another typical semester

I think what’s particularly bothering me about my job is that I’m really not doing anything that I feel is interesting.  Since I have almost no life beyond work (partly because of work demands), this has led to a difficult last couple months.  My physical health hasn’t been perfect during this time, and I’ll eventually get around to talking a little about the other stuff. Continue reading

The academic job search for the rest of us, Part II – What am I getting myself into?

This is the second post in a series about the academic job search in the physical sciences for people who either need to or want to consider non-research intensive institutions, including ones that aren’t any any way “elite”. Probably a good idea to read Part I first.  Some of this information may be useful for those in other fields. Continue reading