This summer has not been particularly productive.  Circumstances have conspired against me having long, dedicated chunks of time for research.  The course developement has been going slowly, but I should be okay for the coming semester – and hopefully not totally fucked for next spring.  The other stuff keeps me from maintaining any sort of consistency, but maybe that’s finally getting somewhere and potentially could be good. Continue reading


Summertime and the livin’s measly

(BTW, for those who view my home page, sorry for the recent lack of “Continue Reading” buttons; I just kept forgetting them, and kept forgetting to view the home page to see what it was looking like, as opposed to the “Dashboard” which is the “man behind the curtain” for a WordPress blog.)

So, summer is rushing by, but I’m making great progress on research.  Yeah, right.  Although I will get about a week’s worth of research done, I’m actually ass-deep in major course/curriculum development. Continue reading


Spring graduation is starting to become more and more real as we enter May.  We’re not quite a big enough institution to have a reasonable indoor venue for the spring graduation ceremony, so the powers that be ended up switching to an off-campus facility.  Apparently, this change was in part due to having multiple visitors suffer from heat exhaustion (or at least dehydration severe enough to require first-aid) after broiling in the Sun during the ever-lengthening ceremonies.  When it wasn’t raining and/or hailing. Continue reading

Albatrosses and other birds to flip

MoFo the albatross finally dislodged itself from around my neck, fell to the ground, and was deliciously broiled for dinner.  Tasted like chicken.  The stupid paper I was complaining about not getting revised has finally been accepted.  Good review process, but a little slower than normal on both ends.  It will probably be another 3 or 4 years until I get another first-author paper, but I’m sure glad to get this stupid project off my plate so I can work on another stupid project.  I do think that this paper may get a decent number of citations, though. Continue reading

The dog and pony show

One of the big advantages of working at a private higher ed institution, especially these days, is that we don’t have to rely on state legislatures (i.e., gangs of brainless twits) for funding.  On the other hand, one of the big disadvantages of working at a private non-elite institution, especially these days, is that we don’t have access to a guaranteed revenue stream.

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