How not to start a degree program

(This is one of those posts that I can’t guarantee describes up-to-date events or the specific person involved, but all of this is true.) Continue reading


College means not being…

…a fuck up.  (At least I left the profanity out of the title.  I found this one in my drafts folder from several months ago, so I decided I might as well post it.)

One of the problems with growing up poor and with relatively few opportunities is that you really can’t fuck up anywhere along the line.  If I ever have the guts, I’m going to post a more TMI description of my childhood, but the reasons I was able to go to college were:
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Mentoring or lack thereof

The topic of mentoring has come up recently on some blogs that I read.  A lot of it is about women and minorities, and living in the research-intensive world.  I’ve never had the burden of professing while female/black/hispanic/etc., nor the privilege/burden of professing while being a “real” scientist.  So, I’m not going to link to other posts, and just do my own thing here.  I was going to write a post about how my summer is going, but maybe later this week. Continue reading


Spring graduation is starting to become more and more real as we enter May.  We’re not quite a big enough institution to have a reasonable indoor venue for the spring graduation ceremony, so the powers that be ended up switching to an off-campus facility.  Apparently, this change was in part due to having multiple visitors suffer from heat exhaustion (or at least dehydration severe enough to require first-aid) after broiling in the Sun during the ever-lengthening ceremonies.  When it wasn’t raining and/or hailing. Continue reading